What is Precisionism?

In the March / April 2018 issue of American Fine Art magazine, I came across an article about Precisionism. I felt immediately intrigued, partly because it had the “ism” at the end of the word, but also because “ism” refers to a format of or formula of doing things. I had never heard of “Precisionism,” as an art form (or the word at all, really), but now I understand it to be best defined, as Balestreiri puts it, as “clockwork gear, the slide rule, the protractor, the French curves, the calculator, and the computers:digital and quantum, the algorithm, the web, the cloud, the social media.” (interesting how he merges that early to mid-1900’s art form to the “art forms” of today.

I’ve heard of the term Matricism. This is a scientific method of the “old master’s” form of impressionism, and that term was new to me. Over these past few years, I’ve become quite familiar with the term Matricism and its founder, artist Christian Seidler.
And I began to study other art fo…


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